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Web Design in Uxbridge

New webiste…no sales!

So, your website is ‘Activ’ online and you are eager to generate a return from your investment!  What do you need to generate sales from your website?  Traffic!….and lots of it.  Let me tell you how to divert web traffic to your new website (see web design in Uxbridge).


Make your website different.  How can you achieve this?  Make your content unique; search engine robots analyse websites on a regular basis for changes.  High quality, fresh and unqiue content will ensure your website is indexed by search engines (see web design Uxbridge).


Keywords and phrases can boost your websites ranking on search engines.  Ensure keywords and phrases related to your website are on your website, i.e. for a web design business in Uxbridge, include web design Uxbridge in the keywords and phrases.  This can be in the form of links or content.

When using images, provide alternative text.  Including related keywords and phrases on your website will increase your website ranking on search engines.  This will result in your website ranking high when people search for your keywords and phrases.  This will inevitably increase the traffic to your website via search engine searches.  Once you have visitors, the high quality and unqiue content will make people spend more time on your website and increase the likelyhood of generating a sale.

URL Submission

Submit your website URL to search engines so it can be indexed.  As your website is new, your website will not be included in search results.  Website submission is free and fast so there is no excuse for not taking this step towards driving traffic to your website.  If you have purchased or have an existing URL prior to the website design, submit it to the search engines.  Indexing can take upto 1 week to start and take upto 4 months to complete, so get in early!


Improve the ranking of your website by linking to sites with a high popularity rank.  This is a proven and effective way to drive traffic to your website through other websites that you have been linked to.  I.e. our web desing business in Uxbridge could link to sites a community portal site.

Increasing your website traffic is very easy to achieve by following the above steps (see web design Uxbridge).


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