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Web Design in Twickenham

Do you live around in Twickenham or a TW postal? Have you got a website?

Why would you want one? Because everybody else has could be the reason!

More likely your competitors have sites and if you don’t have one people will find them and not you.

The real reason could be that more and more people are using the internet to find what they want –  whether it be information, booking a holiday, making a purchase or ordering a meal. Apparently there are 131 billion searches done every month – that’s 2.9 million per minute! Of course that’s around the world, not just Twickenham. The point is that the younger generation use the web all the time and 69% of companies are found by using search engines or by random searching.

So is that a good enough reason to get a website. Yes – so where do you go for web design in Twickenham?

The answer is to type that exact phrase web design in Twickenham into google. It will come up with a whole list of designers. Make sure you type in web design in Twickenham and not just “web design” or you will get inundated with designers from all over the country. You are much better to have a local contact that can come along to discuss your business requirements and get a feel for what you want rather than just a cold telephone conversation

So you find some local companies, lots of designers – but be careful that they are not one man bands as the last thing you want is a site half designed or delayed because the designer is away or there is no support if something goes wrong.

When you are talking to the designers from your web design in Twickenham list be careful of people trying to baffle you with “techno jargon”. Find somebody that speaks your language as you will be dealing with them over a long period. You can guarantee that you will want changes to your site as your business grows.

So now you have somebody that is local, you can talk to and you can get support. Have a look at your competitors websites and get an idea of what you like and what you don’t. Then invite the designer in to discuss your ideas and give you some good advice.

A good designer will help you and take the hassle out of you having a website. It’s your first step to being found in one of those 2.9 million searches per minute!

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