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Web Design in Trowbridge

To ‘E’ or not to ‘E’ that is the Question

If you are considering web design in Trowbridge one of the questions you may be asking yourself is whether you should be looking for an ecommerce site or a brochure site. You may even be asking what the difference is.

A brochure site, or an information site, is a site that tells visitors anything about your business that you need to tell them; typically where you are, what services and products you offer and your contact details. It gives you the opportunity to display pictures of your products and show prices if you want to, but does not allow visitors to buy online.

An ecommerce site, or online shop, goes the extra step and allows your customers to select products or services and pay for them by credit card, debit card or Paypal, it can also calculate tax and delivery charges if required.

Whether you have ecommerce or brochure web design in Trowbridge your web site  not only allows you to get your information to your customers but also lets you  collect information about them through forms, this information can be used to keep in contact with your visitors, perhaps providing information about product launches, special events or seasonal offers.

Ecommerce is not for everyone, if you run a restaurant and you are looking for web design in Trowbridge you are unlikely to want to sell your products direct from your web site, on the other hand a supplier of fine food may well benefit from an on line shop.

You can expect to pay more for ecommerce than for a brochure site, so look for web design in Trowbridge where a fixed price is given so that you don’t get any unwelcome surprises during the design process or when your invoice arrives!


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