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Web Design in Nantwich

What should my website say about my business?

A website is fundamental to the success of your business, not only in terms of generating enquiries and leads, but in supporting all the other activity you carry out in terms of promoting the business.

Here at Activ web design in Nantwich we thought long and hard about the type of business we wanted to attract, the type of customer who would give us this business and what it was we did that made Activ web design in Nantwich attractive to prospective customers. So when we visit our clients the first thing we do is a thorough fact-find on the business and it is often surprising that in many cases the actual objectives of the business and the type of enquiries needed to meet these objectives are not clear.

For example do you know the type of enquiries you want? For example, if you were a plumber are you looking for installation work or is the business better set-up to meet the equally profitable 24hr emergency work? Each option would generate different content with different keywords in order that customers can find you quickly and easily

Therefore it is important before planning a website that the following fundamental parameters are considered:

–       what type of business you want

–       who are you aiming the website at e.g commercial or domestic customers etc.

–       what are the special features or USP’s of your business against the competition

–       where geographically do you want your enquiries to come from,; this can be a part of the content and a key search term to help customers find you

At Activ web design in Nantwich we prompt all our customers to give this type of information in order to design an effective website delivering the type of enquiries profitable to the customer, after all a website consistently producing the wrong type of enquiries is at best ineffective and can cost time and money.

Customers searching for  web design in Nantwich are looking to save money, make money and save time

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