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Web Design in Middlesbrough

Why do I need Web Design in Middlesbrough?

With the availability of so many free or DIY Web Design software or low cost rental hosting with software included why would you need to employ a web designer to do the job for you?

Well this is a very good question and one that I will try to answer for you.

Free or DIY Web Design Advantages

The cheapest way to get a web presence.

You don’t need to pay a consultant any fees

Have complete control over your web site Look and feel

Let your own creative skills flourish

Free or DIY Web Design Disadvantages

Free or DIY Web Design often looks amateurish

Free or DIY Web Design often has poor navigation controls, users find it difficult to find what they want in seconds.

Free or DIY Web Design needs you to have the correct subsidiary software to create stunning images and effects.

Free or DIY Web Design needs you to learn how to use those subsidiary software packages, which will take patience, trial and error and time, sometimes a lot of time to perfect.

Free or DIY Web Design means you need to learn the arcane secrets of effective META tags, JPEG compression, browser compatibility, FTP clients, and more for your web site to perform well.

Free or DIY Web Design needs you understand how to get good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to be able to get your web site found on Google and other search engines.

Skills Needed

Fully Up to date maintained computer that has modern operating system and software.

Patience and good PC skills.

Familiarity with text and graphic applications.

Technical ability and the desire to acquire them.

Graphic Design and page layout knowledge.

Time and ability to implement updates and amendments.


The choice of which method you go with comes down to just two main issues, your budget and your skills.

If you have the software, skills and the free time needed to build your own website then yes you can save an initial layout of having to pay Web Design in Middlesbrough, but it will involve many hours of frustration and will have a cost to you in time spent creating your web site.

If you want to get a quality, reliable, and helpful web designer to take your business branding to a higher level then give Web Design in Middlesbrough a call, ask for Phil and he will make sure that he saves you time, saves you money and makes you money from your Activ website.

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