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Web Design in Leighton Buzzard

So you’ve decided to have a website.

Commissioning a website is one of the most important decisions you can take for your business. Although it is possible to do it yourself, do you really have the time to produce a professional site? There are many companies proficient with web design in Leighton Buzzard, leaving you to concentrate on your own business, but you do need to think the what, and the who, that is, what are you are going to put onto your website, and who you are targeting to access it. Inevitably, one is intrinsically linked with the other.

What (content)

The wealth of content available to websites today is vast, including video, sound, slideshows, graphics, pictures and text. However, what you put onto it should be determined by who your market is. Think what your customers would want to see on a web site, and have a look at what your competitors are offering. Think customers first. Your local web designer in Leighton Buzzard can advise you on the best approach, and will help you design a site appropriate for your business. Websites should be easy to follow, and easy on the eye – cluttered websites only encourage users to move on to your competitors’ sites. Most importantly, think of your business first – what would make you want to buy from your website?


This is as important and goes hand in hand with ‘what’. Obviously, you want the largest audience you can get, but think about who is likely to go the further step and transact with you. Factors to think about include value vs. quality; mass appeal vs. exclusivity; and demographics. If your business is in fine china, there is probably little point in trying to aim at the teenage market. Again, your local web designer can help you, and work with you to optimize your potential audience. People today expect your business to have a website like they would expect it to have a telephone.

Contact your local web designer in Leighton Buzzard today to get your web site up and running as expeditiously as possible.

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