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Web Design in Leicester

How to entice new customers

By Tracy Madelin-Brown, Activ Web Design Leicester

As a business owner, have you ever considered how much you spend on traditional advertising – things like adverts in local journals, leaflets, business listings, and the like?  Activ Web Design in Leicester would like you to think how much more you could gain from this type of advertising if you could also include a website address?

Imagine you are a local cafe – you have premises in the local town but you want to expand into providing catering for private and corporate events.  Your advertising gives potential customers a phone number to ring and yes, they can pop in to see you in the shop – but you are always very busy with people wanting tea and cake.  Activ Web Design in Leicester has the solution for you.

Activ Web Design in Leicester can help you to create a website which will give your potential customers instant access and information about things such as menus, cost, availability and delivery arrangements.  You will be able to instantly whet their appetite by showing photos or videos of your food, so they can virtually sample what’s on offer.

Think of the time this will save you and your new client.  You can still devote time to customers in your shop and your client won’t have to spend valuable time driving around trying to find a catering service, or trying to phone and never getting an answer. They can place an order while still sitting at their desk or in their armchair.

Think how much money this will save you – perhaps you no longer need a full page advert, explaining the services you can provide – half the size will do to signpost people to your website.

And finally … think of the money this will make you – with a small investment of just £499 with Activ Web Design in Leicester new orders are being placed and your business is expanding – it’s as easy as pie!

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