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Web Design in Kettering

When is the Best Time to Get My Business ‘Activ’ Online…? By Naomi Osborn, Activ Web Design in Kettering

It’s a question that Activ Web Design in Kettering is often asked, and it is most effective to draw on a few specific examples and case studies in order to provide an answer.

The ‘Murder Mystery’ Start Up

After a career in management consultancy the client was looking to ‘go it alone’ and start to earn a revenue stream from the ‘Murder Mystery’ evenings he had been writing and successfully producing for many years as a hobby.  However, the commercial realisation of his vision needed refining. He approached Activ Web Design in Kettering and through collaborative and consultative dialogue this vision was translated into an ‘online’ shop with downloadable plots.  An e-commerce offering fitted perfectly with the strategy for a fledging business of this nature as it would ultimately minimise the need for a full time hands-on approach and allow the client to focus on his ‘day job’ as his new venture grew!

Dance School Expansion

An established and successful local Dance School was moving to new premises, which would allow the business to grow.  This was a time of considerable upheaval, effort and not to mention expense for the school.  However, they had identified that to maximise the value of their building investment it was essential, as part of this modernisation, to have a website for the first time.  To achieve this they chose to work with Activ Web Design in Kettering to create a stylish brochure website to coincide with the grand opening, with the peace of mind that the fixed price offering ensured that this additional expense was not going to escalate at such a ‘budget sensitive’ time for the school.

Whilst the grand opening is still a few days away, the website is already live and working hard to ensure that the new studio’s are filled with the next generation of “High School Musical” devotees!

Playground Equipment Supplies Company Diversification

In any commercial environment things change and Activ Web Design in Kettering can help you and your business change with it and respond to trends in a timely and effective fashion.  After 35 years of supplying and installing playground equipment nationwide the client was seeing the market change around him – and his business! To counter this, diversification was required, as well as a change to how the business operated.  Previously all business had come through his existing website and direct contact with local authorities, for design and installation services.  The diversification in this case was to move to an ‘e-commerce’ site directed at the smaller scale commercial market (campsites, pubs and nurseries etc) to enable an online transaction and direct shipping of the product for the customers to install themselves. An easy and cost effective way of adding clear and distinct offerings to a new market, without changing the business’ ‘raison d’etre’!

Having considered each of these scenarios, it is worth re-considering the original premise of this article:

When is the best time to get my Business ‘Activ’ On line…?

The simply answer is NOW!

Whatever the life cycle of your business, even if you have a web site already, Activ Web Design in Kettering and Corby will work with you to create an effective on line presence that suits the needs of your business all at a fixed and affordable price.

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