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Web Design in Kettering

Do you know what your business is?

I’m sure you know what your business does, but my question is a little different; it’s about knowing the identity of your business.  When you are able to answer this fully it will allow you to move forward into new and challenging markets by empowering you and your business in a number of ways:

  1. It facilitates your shift from a features based sales plan to benefits driven offering.  This helps the relationship between you and your client base by visualising how it will help their business. A well structured web site with clear messages from Activ Web Design in Kettering will get this clear message across.
  2. It improves your efficiency by allowing you to focus on the aspects of your business that define it, which are likely to be those you are particularly strong   in. For example as a plumber you might be able to ‘do’ the tiling but is it really your strength and will it really show your business in its best light?
  3. It allows you to talk with confidence about your USPs.
  4. Your clients will have a clear vision of what you offer and why they should utilise your services
  5. It will increase your repeat orders through demonstrating excellence within that arena.

These are the things that will help you grow your business beyond your current standings.  If you can identify and communicate what the most important benefit is to your customers and focus your business on delivering this, your business will grow.  This is something the major retailers have done very well.  The features are that they have a broad range of choice at great prices.  The benefit is that their customer can clearly identify this and will become loyal shoppers as they recognise the time and cost savings they will achieve.

With the global commercial setting we live in increasing by the day, there are very few, if any, USPs that still exist.  Market globalisation and the internet in particular have opened up such a proliferation of opportunities that being unique is no longer possible.  As a result, being better and more focused than your competitors is even more important.  It may be that this is the right time to consider an on-line shop from Activ Web Design in Kettering to open up new retail avenues in that global market place.

With the benefits to your customers clearly identified, it is then important that you deliver what you promised.  Surprisingly it is as simple as this; promise a service and deliver it.  There is a lot of rubbish talked about under promising and over delivering but in reality promising and delivering is the key to success, as this will fully manage your clients’ expectations.  Failing to meet their expectations is never going to be great, but equally if you give them something they didn’t ask for, then they may feel that they have not received good value as they overpaid for what they did want.

Whilst it is important that you identify what your business is, it is important that you work closely with your marketing partner and your web designer, Activ Web Design in Kettering , to ensure that you communicate your messages clearly and help your clients understand the benefits of working with you rather than your competitor. Since we are competing in a global market place, then it is important for you to be part of it, your competitors are certainly active in that arena.  If you are not, then it is probably time you considered a web site from Activ Web Design in Kettering

So next time you think about a marketing strategy, don’t just think about the services you offer, think about how it adds value and benefits your clients.

About Activ Web Design in Kettering

Activ Web Design in Kettering offers unique and professional websites at an affordable price.  My goal is to become your trusted web partner through great customer service.

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