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Web Design in Kettering

Keeping Up With Urban Regeneration

By Naomi Osborn, Activ Web Design in Kettering

For those of you in the East Midlands you cannot fail to notice the massive level of investment in urban regeneration and in particular the rejuvenation of the generic high street.  For example, take a walk around Kettering and Corby town centres and they are becoming stylish and modern destination town centres with attractive retail outlets such as those in the Kettering Horsemarket and Market Square, whilst facilities such as the Corby Cube and Corby Pool simply ooze modernity.

North Northamptonshire is the biggest single designated Growth Area outside London with major Government funding supporting plans for 47,400 new jobs and an increased population of over 370,000 people by 2021.  All in all there is currently c£100m of investment into the region.

But what does this have to do with Activ Web Design in Kettering?  The first thing to think about are your competitors, or in particular the main competitor – the high street. Ten years ago it was looking tired, old and struggling to compete with the young ‘up start’ of the internet, but this retail make over is bringing the competition to a new level.

The regenerated high street is bringing new shops and services and an environment that the consumer wants to engage with; relaxed settings, coffee shops, aesthetically pleasing surroundings – who’d have thought it, café culture in Corby!  Should you not have a high street presence you may be looking enviously at these new trends, but Activ Web Design in Kettering can help you stay up to date by re-inventing your website. If you are fortunate enough to be benefiting from a prime location then don’t forget your web presence as not every one is going to connect with the social revolution of the high street and may cling to their laptop! Activ Web Design in Kettering will work with you to translate the style of your retail outlet and brand into a new website.

It’s strange to think that things have come full circle in this manner but at Activ Web Design in Kettering we are working with many clients to ensure that their web presence doesn’t suffer the same fate as the high street in 90’s provincial midlands towns!

The simple message is to keep your web presence modern, lively and engaging; after all, you are competing with the high street again – who’d have thought it!

Activ Web Design in Kettering is your partner of choice to ensure that you retain that competitive edge!

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