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Web Design in Guildford

Tips on how to make your website successful !

Keep it so simple  – KISS

People use the internet to get information quickly. Its very frustrating when you try to access a website only to wait for the intro to load.

So at web design in Guildford we avoid flashy graphics, busy backgrounds and autoplay music.

Focus on the content, easy navigation, and promoting your site to your target audience.

Your homepage

The first page most people land on is your homepage. It must set out , clearly , quickly  and simply :

  • what’s on the site
  • where to find it
  • how to contact you
  • why they should explore further

Your home page should look slightly different from other pages so visitors can use it as a base camp to which they can return and explore.

Do not write too much on your homepage. At web design in Guildford we know that generally people scan websites they don’t read them! Your homepage should act as a summary, linked to more detailed pages elsewhere.


Content is key. When creating the content, focus on your audience’s needs, not on what you are selling!

Focus on the benefits of your product or service and how this is an answer to your visitors requirements.

Most profitable websites are structured, written and designed to :

  • grab your attention
  • build your interest
  • get you involved
  • develop your appetite
  • establish credibility and trust
  • persuade you to take action

You do not have to spend lots of money on animation and flashy graphics. Stick to good selling techniques and treat your visitors as intelligent human beings and you will have the foundation of a successful website.

We have to be search engine friendly!

Search engines cannot read pictures, they read words! Some of the most successful websites are ugly, such as Amazon. Do not go for an amazing visual site and fail to get your message across.

To get a good presence or ranking with the search engines you need two things :

–       quality content

–       links to other highly ranked websites

You can create good content by listening and addressing your customers’ concerns and needs. Invite others to write an article for your site and provide a reciprocal link. Provide a news section or blog for your website and encourage interaction with your visitors.

Website promotion

At web design in Guildford we keep the content as fresh as possible  People need a reason to return to your site but if there’s nothing new, why bother?

Refresh your website at regular intervals or as topics arise in the press. If you have an easy to use content management system, you can make text and image changes yourself.

Special offers make great new content and give you an opportunity to connect with your opt-in visitors through email marketing.

Be creative and test your ideas and strategies, then stick with those that work.

If you need a website designer, but do not know anything about web design in Guildford, then visit our website – web design in Guildford

Mike Dennett  T : 0845 094 2522  E :

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