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Web Design in Braintree

Five Great Tips For Choosing A Web Design Company.

Here are my five top tips to help you when you are making the decision which web design company to choose.  There are many factors to take into account but these are my top five to help you choose web design in Braintree.

1) Can you meet the person you are talking to?

To really understand your business and therefore help you get the most from your website the person building your website should be able to visit you at your convenience.  They can then learn firsthand about your business and help you make the right decisions about what a website can do for you.  When a company offers web design in Braintree they should be able to meet with you for an initial consultation at the very least.

2) Are you able to have a fixed quote?

So many times you see “web design services from £x” and so many times people fall into the trap of agreeing a contract without being absolutely sure what is included.  Before they know it the cost of the project has doubled or even trebled simply because they require standard items like email addresses, contact form, domain name registration  and they find that these are ‘extras’. So when choosing web design in Braintree. look for a company that gives you a fixed price and is transparent about what is included.  Will you have to pay more if you need another page?  How about updates, what will they cost? And hosting – will it cost more to keep your site live on the internet than you can afford?  These are important considerations and a reputable company should be able to be open and honest about all costs involved.

3) Can you see some examples and testimonials?

It should be possible for you to see a portfolio of work to enable you to get an idea of the quality of the company offering web design in Braintree .  Are client testimonials available?

4) What happens once the site is live?

Once you have your website what happens then.  For web design in Braintree choose a company that will be there after launch to help you get the most from your site.  You will need ongoing support, maintenance and updates if your site is to perform well and you should be able to ascertain the exact extent of what is available from the company you choose.  Will you to continue to liaise with an individual or will you become a number in a call centre?  Building a site is only the start, web design in Braintree. choose a company that will be with you for the long term.

5) Can you ask questions without being fobbed off with jargon?

Ultimately you need to find a company with which you are going to develop a long term working relationship.  You need to be sure that your questions will be answered in plain English and you won’t be expected to have a level of technical knowledge that is beyond you.  Don’t be blinded by jargon and techno speak, in the long run it will lead to confusion and frustration, start off talking plain English and demand the same from your supplier for web design in Braintree..

These are my top 5 tips, there are many more considerations but if you cover these 5 when choosing web design in Braintree you will have certainly started on the right road.

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