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The Internet – Where Would We Be Without It?!

The Internet – Where Would We Be Without It?!

By Naomi Osborn, Activ Web Design in Kettering & Activ Web Design in Corby

You can probably trace the start of it all back to J.C.R. Licklider who, as early as January 1960, wrote a paper on Man-Computer Symbiosis in which he foresaw what he described as:

“A network of computers, connected to one another by wide-band communication lines”

Leap forward 35 years, numerous protocols and developments by educational institutes, the US military and not surpsingly NASA, and in 1995 the final commercial restrictions were lifted and ‘The Internet’, a phrase first used in 1974, was open for business.  The next key date in the history of the Internet is quite possibly October 2010 when Activ Web Design in Kettering and Activ Web Design in Corby went live!

It is amazing to think that for something that is less than 30 years old it is such an integral part of the fabric of society.  It has penetrated every part of our daily lives in such a way that we rarely think about.  Websites are now a ‘must have’ for all walks of life, particularly businesses. Only today it was reported that one quarter of marketing spend is now on internet based advertising. Activ Web Design in Kettering can help to get you or your business online to ensure that you are doing your best to be proactive in your chosen market.

So what are people using the internet for?

There are Personal sites for ‘bloggers’ who use their own sites to share their thoughts, wisdom and insights.

Forums and chat rooms provide a virtual location for like minded individuals to ‘gather’ and also an opportunity to ‘ask an expert’.

Websites are common Information Centres, progressively replacing all traditional reference sources – phone books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries…..  you name it and I am fairly sure you will be using an electronic source rather than books.

Sports Club websites are a great way of communicating with a wide membership – reminding players of ‘kick off’ times, directions to the start of the race, and not to mention highlights of events and the obligatory embarassing photo’s from the end of season party.  The same prinicples apply to other member type organisations.

Schools are finding that websites offer a great tool to communicate with parents, providing curriculum updates, and access to learning materials, as well as replacing the old fashioned ‘letter home’.

Small and large businesses alike use websites as a virtual shop window, showcasing products and servcies 24/7, providing contact details and giving up to date information on special offers. In reality it is hard to imagine a modern day business operating without a functional brochure website as a minimum.

And where would we be without the on-line shop, also available from Activ Web Design in Kettering and Activ Web Design in Corby? We all believed that grocery deliveries had disappeared with the butcher’s boy on his bike, but websites have re-invented the benefits of home deliveries. They even bring an added interaction by making recommendations based on your purchase history and what others have bought.

So next time you log on, take some time to think about the technological revolution that has happened, and is still happening, around us and how it has impacted on your daily life. And if you need a website, why not contact Activ Web Design in Kettering for help and advice to help get you online today.

About Activ Web Design Kettering & Corby

Activ Web Design in Kettering & Activ Web Design in Corby offers unique and professional websites at an affordable price. Whether you need a web brochure, an online shop or simply a short term website to rent for an event then contact me.

My goal is to become your trusted web partner through great customer service.

Naomi Osborn: 0785 230 7204 /

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