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Activ Web Design

Web Design Scams

Over the years we have spoken to thousands of business owners who have lots of tales to tell about their web designers, many of them negative!

From outright scams to poor customer service, the web design industry has seen its reputation tarnished over the years.

Here are a few examples of horror stories…

They built my website then told me I owed them another £2000 for extra work they had done and if I didn’t pay it they would take down my website, I was backed in to a corner.

They took my payment up front, made all the right promises but then failed to deliver, leaving me out of pocket.

The salesman did a great job telling me what a wonderful web design service they would offer but once I had signed on the dotted line it all went downhill, no customer service, nobody returning my calls, the list is endless.

As already mentioned, in any business or indeed any walk of life there are unscrupulous businesses and even out and out scams and the web design industry is no different but rest assured there are still lots of honest, reputable web design companies around who will offer you a fair price, great product and excellent after sales support and ongoing advice.

Here at Activ Web Design we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers across the UK.

  • Affordable, fixed price websites
  • Transparent pricing
  • A national network of local advisors
  • An online support system as well as a phone number you can contact us on
  • Fantastic value for money
  • And most importantly…
  • A website that works for your business!

We have hundreds of satisfied customers across the UK from hairdressers to restaurants, builders to golf clubs.  To read testimonials from our satisfied customers visit the testimonials page on Activ Web Design.

Want to find out what Activ Web Design can offer you to help grow your business online, get in touch now!

Activ Web Design are an award-winning business and have reached the finals of many prestigious business awards.

Activ Web Design, an honest, reputable web design company, not a scam, just high quality, affordable websites.

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