Web Design in Bolton

March 12th, 2011

Who knows what is in store for us, what the next new initiative might be or what revolutionary gadget is waiting around the corner.   Technology has come a long way and is continuing to develop at a fast pace.  Who would have thought years ago when computers were large cumbersome pieces of equipment that we would all be walking around with them in our pockets.

Whatever the future holds you can be sure that it will be online.  How many people now days have Yellow Pages at home or at work?  If they do, do they use it?  Or do they search online for what they are looking for?  How would you find web design in Bolton? Simply tap in “web design in Bolton” on your computer and do a search this way, or trawl through a book for a phone number and if you’re lucky a brief description of companies providing web design in Bolton? I know which option I would always opt for, though a click of a button I would be able to find full details of numerous companies all providing web design in Bolton and be able to short list those that I know provide what I am looking for.

People now expect companies to have an on line presence and websites enable customers to find out more about a company so that they can make an informed choice on whose services they want to use.  A website is a perfect tool for a company to promote their goods and service, communicate their beliefs and values and an opportunity to provide vital information.  A company without a website is missing out on this opportunity but more importantly is missing out on potential customers.

Web Design in Bolton

March 9th, 2011

There are some jobs you can do yourself and others you have to get a professional to do.

If you need your roof tiling, a new boiler installing or your electrics rewiring the majority of people would not even contemplate doing it themselves.  Everyone knows that these tasks require skilled trades people to get the job done safely, effectively and efficiently.

On the other hand there are some tasks that people try and attempt to do themselves.  This more often than not is down to cost, by doing it themselves it will save money, or so they think!  This can be the case when it comes to web design.  If someone was looking for web design in Bolton they would be best advised to get a local web designer to work closely with them to come up with a professional and effective web design.  Often however people think they can do it themselves, this can be extremely time consuming when the persons time would be better spent elsewhere and results in a website that does not have a professional finish and is not search engine friendly.  This can be illustrated by looking at the services of a painter and decorator.  Anyone can pick up a paint brush and paint their house but if they get a professional to do it, it can be done and finished in a fraction of the time and finished to a high standard.  A badly designed website can actually be detrimental to a business and when considering web design in Bolton it is strongly advised that you jump online and search for just that – web design in Bolton to find a good reputable local web designer in Bolton or your local area.

Web Design in Middlesbrough

March 9th, 2011

Why do I need Web Design in Middlesbrough?

With the availability of so many free or DIY Web Design software or low cost rental hosting with software included why would you need to employ a web designer to do the job for you?

Well this is a very good question and one that I will try to answer for you.

Free or DIY Web Design Advantages

The cheapest way to get a web presence.

You don’t need to pay a consultant any fees

Have complete control over your web site Look and feel

Let your own creative skills flourish

Free or DIY Web Design Disadvantages

Free or DIY Web Design often looks amateurish

Free or DIY Web Design often has poor navigation controls, users find it difficult to find what they want in seconds.

Free or DIY Web Design needs you to have the correct subsidiary software to create stunning images and effects.

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Web Design in Braintree

January 17th, 2011

Five Great Tips For Choosing A Web Design Company.

Here are my five top tips to help you when you are making the decision which web design company to choose.  There are many factors to take into account but these are my top five to help you choose web design in Braintree.

1) Can you meet the person you are talking to?

To really understand your business and therefore help you get the most from your website the person building your website should be able to visit you at your convenience.  They can then learn firsthand about your business and help you make the right decisions about what a website can do for you.  When a company offers web design in Braintree they should be able to meet with you for an initial consultation at the very least.

2) Are you able to have a fixed quote?

So many times you see “web design services from £x” and so many times people fall into the trap of agreeing a contract without being absolutely sure what is included.  Before they know it the cost of the project has doubled or even trebled simply because they require standard items like email addresses, contact form, domain name registration  and they find that these are ‘extras’. So when choosing web design in Braintree. look for a company that gives you a fixed price and is transparent about what is included.  Will you have to pay more if you need another page?  How about updates, what will they cost? And hosting – will it cost more to keep your site live on the internet than you can afford?  These are important considerations and a reputable company should be able to be open and honest about all costs involved.

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Web Design in Nantwich

December 16th, 2010

What should my website say about my business?

A website is fundamental to the success of your business, not only in terms of generating enquiries and leads, but in supporting all the other activity you carry out in terms of promoting the business.

Here at Activ web design in Nantwich we thought long and hard about the type of business we wanted to attract, the type of customer who would give us this business and what it was we did that made Activ web design in Nantwich attractive to prospective customers. So when we visit our clients the first thing we do is a thorough fact-find on the business and it is often surprising that in many cases the actual objectives of the business and the type of enquiries needed to meet these objectives are not clear.

For example do you know the type of enquiries you want? For example, if you were a plumber are you looking for installation work or is the business better set-up to meet the equally profitable 24hr emergency work? Each option would generate different content with different keywords in order that customers can find you quickly and easily

Therefore it is important before planning a website that the following fundamental parameters are considered:

–       what type of business you want

–       who are you aiming the website at e.g commercial or domestic customers etc.

–       what are the special features or USP’s of your business against the competition

–       where geographically do you want your enquiries to come from,; this can be a part of the content and a key search term to help customers find you

At Activ web design in Nantwich we prompt all our customers to give this type of information in order to design an effective website delivering the type of enquiries profitable to the customer, after all a website consistently producing the wrong type of enquiries is at best ineffective and can cost time and money.

Customers searching for  web design in Nantwich are looking to save money, make money and save time

Web Design in Crewe

December 16th, 2010

The Benefits of being “Activ”

OK, you have taken the all important decision to support your business with a website and because you are looking at the Activ web design in Crewe website we hope you will choose Activ to help you.

Congratulations, you have taken the first steps to developing an effective online strategy for your business. Your website will make you money, save you time and save you money

In addition to showcasing your business and products, what other benefits will your website, created by Activ web design in Crewe give you?

– It gives peace of mind to your customer and establishes you in their perception as a reputable, long standing and trustworthy company to do business with.

– It represents your business 24/7 when you can’t. You may be on holiday or busy, remember also that your hours of business are not necessarily those of your customer and they may be researching suppliers any hour of the day or night

– Your Activ web design in Crewe advisor can help you refresh your content to say, take advantage of a new trend or react to new opportunities. In addition to helping you test the market, adding new content will help drive more visitors to your website and ultimately generate more business

– It provides a referral point for all your other advertising and marketing; use it on all your brochures, in any newspaper or media advertising, on your vehicles etc. It gives a longer life to other often more expensive, short term advertising and helps justify the investment

    Your new website from Activ web design in Crewe , at a fixed affordable price with no hidden extras, also offers additional

    features, so let us briefly explore some of these added benefits:

    – Your own domain name……..helps your website reflect what your business actually does.

    – We take care of “hosting” your website……….no technical or support issues to worry about

    – 5 email addresses for your website……….helps you direct enquiries to specific persons, measure campaigns and improves customer perception of the size and scope of your business

    – We provide you with statistics on who is visiting and when………justifies your investment and helps to plan new content and direction of the business

      Here a Activ web design in Crewe we look forward to helping our clients with their website and ongoing development by talking your language.

      Web Design in Dunmow

      August 20th, 2010

      Does your business need a new website? Can your business afford a new website?

      I can certainly help you answer these questions. My name is Lisa Smith and I run Activ Web Design in Dunmow. I am sure you are thinking “of course you can help, you want to sell me a website!” but please let me assure you that what I want to do is help you make an informed decision that will benefit your business. Yes, my business is web design but here at Activ Web Design in Dunmow we want to build relationships with our local clients that will last for years. We are not in the business of speaking jargon just to bamboozle and make a sale. As your local advisor I would visit you for a free, no obligation consultation to learn about your business and to find out if a website would be a good investment.

      Yes, that’s right; a website should be looked at as an investment in your business not just an expense. An investment in fact that has the potential to save time, save money and make money for your business.

      So maybe the question should be different – can you afford not to have a website for your business? A website can provide another means of marketing, can add credibility and can generate interest in your business. Used correctly it can become an asset that repays its initial investment again and again.

      Activ Web Design in Dunmow is run by me and my husband Reece, a graphic designer with many years experience. Our aim is to work with local clients to help them achieve an effective online presence. Whether you run a small business, a sports club, a charity or high street shop, whether you’re a sole trader or have several employees, we want to ensure that, if you require a website, you get one that is professional, affordable, individual and that can work for your business.

      Activ Web Design in Dunmow are happy to visit you. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation to clearly explain what we do and to find out what you are looking for. Our affordable, clear and fixed pricing structure means there is no confusion and no surprises. Furthermore we don’t just want to build a website and disappear! We will be around to provide support and maintenance which is vital in keeping a website relevant and effective. As a local company our service is prompt, personal and efficient. But also, as part of the Activ network, we can provide unrivalled expertise and experience.

      And, as a final answer to your questions – a website from Activ Web Design in Dunmow is affordable – please view more details about the range of features offered by our easy to understand packages.

      Thanks for letting me provide some answers for you, if you would like to arrange a free, no obligation consultation please contact me on 01371 819002 or use the online contact form to the right, Lisa.

      Activ Web Design

      August 16th, 2010

      Web Design Scams

      Over the years we have spoken to thousands of business owners who have lots of tales to tell about their web designers, many of them negative!

      From outright scams to poor customer service, the web design industry has seen its reputation tarnished over the years.

      Here are a few examples of horror stories…

      They built my website then told me I owed them another £2000 for extra work they had done and if I didn’t pay it they would take down my website, I was backed in to a corner.

      They took my payment up front, made all the right promises but then failed to deliver, leaving me out of pocket.

      The salesman did a great job telling me what a wonderful web design service they would offer but once I had signed on the dotted line it all went downhill, no customer service, nobody returning my calls, the list is endless.

      As already mentioned, in any business or indeed any walk of life there are unscrupulous businesses and even out and out scams and the web design industry is no different but rest assured there are still lots of honest, reputable web design companies around who will offer you a fair price, great product and excellent after sales support and ongoing advice.

      Here at Activ Web Design we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers across the UK.

      • Affordable, fixed price websites
      • Transparent pricing
      • A national network of local advisors
      • An online support system as well as a phone number you can contact us on
      • Fantastic value for money
      • And most importantly…
      • A website that works for your business!

      We have hundreds of satisfied customers across the UK from hairdressers to restaurants, builders to golf clubs.  To read testimonials from our satisfied customers visit the testimonials page on Activ Web Design.

      Want to find out what Activ Web Design can offer you to help grow your business online, get in touch now!

      Activ Web Design are an award-winning business and have reached the finals of many prestigious business awards.

      Activ Web Design, an honest, reputable web design company, not a scam, just high quality, affordable websites.

      Web Design in Trowbridge

      August 16th, 2010

      Fixed Price, Jargon Web Design in Trowbridge

      Activ Web Design in Trowbridge are the specialists in getting small to medium sized businesses, new enterprises and local organisations online. Our portfolio of hundreds of sites shows what we can do. But why do all these organisations choose Activ?

      At Activ Web Design we understand that all businesses benefit from having their own, unique web site and we recognise that many enterprise owners delay getting on line for two reasons – the cost and the technology. Activ’s fixed price structure and jargon free approach are designed to eliminate these obstacles.


      There are two basic types of website so Activ Web Design have just two prices – £499 for a brochure site and £999 for an online shop. There are no hidden extras. The price includes the site design, registering your website address, hosting the site for a year and any minor changes you may want to make. You will also get up to five email addresses and access to your website statistics so you can see how your site is working for you. The online shop option will allow you to accept payment online by credit and debit cards or paypal.


      Some web design companies blind you with science, at Activ we understand the technology but we know that you just want someone to design the website you need to enhance your business – you tell us what you want and we will do the rest. The final result will be a site that looks the way you want it and works the way it needs to for you. We are happy to answer your technical questions but you need no technical knowledge at all.

      What Else Does Activ Offer?

      We are a national company with a local designer near you. For web design in Trowbridge phone Andrew Stacey on 01225 719173 or 07983 720429 and you can be sure of the personal service you expect from a local business and the support and back-up of a national, award winning company.

      With 70% of households in the UK (Office of National Statistics figures, 2009) Activ Web Design in Trowbridge understand the importance of getting businesses on line quickly and effectively. The number of households online increases year on year and for most of these computer users telephone directories are a thing of the past. Who would wade through, say, the huge restaurant section of the yellow pages when a search in Google will not only find the specific type of eatery you are looking for, in the place you want to go but also shows pictures, menus and information about the restaurant. Any business that has no web site is missing out on these potential customers.

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      Web Design in Sutton

      August 9th, 2010

      Tips for web content

      Setting up a new website in Sutton, Surrey? Then choose local web design in Sutton to avoid the pitfalls of misunderstood phone calls or emails.

      It is easy to overlook the quality and content of your web site especially if design is not your particular field of expertise and you are in a rush to get yourself a web presence. It is important to think of your website as your company brochure. It is important that the company offering web design in Sutton understands that the front cover of a brochure is the first thing that attracts readers to pick it up. Similarly, the home page of a website is the first thing your customer will see and so it must be attractive enough so they will want to look at the rest of your site.

      Front pages of brochures that are crammed with information (just about everything contained within the brochure) put readers off and they will turn to the next more attractive brochure. Similarly, web sites that are crammed with information on the home page often do just that, send your potential customer to another site offering the same goods or service but with a more attractive site.

      To choose local web design in Sutton, choose a company that will discuss all the do’s and don’ts in detail with you so that you end up with a web site that is attractive but clearly states what your company has to offer.

      In summary, if you want the best value for your money and the best content for your site it is always better to choose local designers so you can discuss these aspects in detail face to face. For example, if your business in Sutton, your search should be limited to web design in Sutton.

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