Web Design in Kettering

July 20th, 2011

Do you know what your business is?

I’m sure you know what your business does, but my question is a little different; it’s about knowing the identity of your business.  When you are able to answer this fully it will allow you to move forward into new and challenging markets by empowering you and your business in a number of ways:

  1. It facilitates your shift from a features based sales plan to benefits driven offering.  This helps the relationship between you and your client base by visualising how it will help their business. A well structured web site with clear messages from Activ Web Design in Kettering will get this clear message across.
  2. It improves your efficiency by allowing you to focus on the aspects of your business that define it, which are likely to be those you are particularly strong   in. For example as a plumber you might be able to ‘do’ the tiling but is it really your strength and will it really show your business in its best light?
  3. It allows you to talk with confidence about your USPs.
  4. Your clients will have a clear vision of what you offer and why they should utilise your services
  5. It will increase your repeat orders through demonstrating excellence within that arena.

These are the things that will help you grow your business beyond your current standings.  If you can identify and communicate what the most important benefit is to your customers and focus your business on delivering this, your business will grow.  This is something the major retailers have done very well.  The features are that they have a broad range of choice at great prices.  The benefit is that their customer can clearly identify this and will become loyal shoppers as they recognise the time and cost savings they will achieve.

With the global commercial setting we live in increasing by the day, there are very few, if any, USPs that still exist.  Market globalisation and the internet in particular have opened up such a proliferation of opportunities that being unique is no longer possible.  As a result, being better and more focused than your competitors is even more important.  It may be that this is the right time to consider an on-line shop from Activ Web Design in Kettering to open up new retail avenues in that global market place.

With the benefits to your customers clearly identified, it is then important that you deliver what you promised.  Surprisingly it is as simple as this; promise a service and deliver it.  There is a lot of rubbish talked about under promising and over delivering but in reality promising and delivering is the key to success, as this will fully manage your clients’ expectations.  Failing to meet their expectations is never going to be great, but equally if you give them something they didn’t ask for, then they may feel that they have not received good value as they overpaid for what they did want.

Whilst it is important that you identify what your business is, it is important that you work closely with your marketing partner and your web designer, Activ Web Design in Kettering , to ensure that you communicate your messages clearly and help your clients understand the benefits of working with you rather than your competitor. Since we are competing in a global market place, then it is important for you to be part of it, your competitors are certainly active in that arena.  If you are not, then it is probably time you considered a web site from Activ Web Design in Kettering

So next time you think about a marketing strategy, don’t just think about the services you offer, think about how it adds value and benefits your clients.

About Activ Web Design in Kettering

Activ Web Design in Kettering offers unique and professional websites at an affordable price.  My goal is to become your trusted web partner through great customer service.

Web Design in Leighton Buzzard

June 8th, 2011

So you’ve decided to have a website.

Commissioning a website is one of the most important decisions you can take for your business. Although it is possible to do it yourself, do you really have the time to produce a professional site? There are many companies proficient with web design in Leighton Buzzard, leaving you to concentrate on your own business, but you do need to think the what, and the who, that is, what are you are going to put onto your website, and who you are targeting to access it. Inevitably, one is intrinsically linked with the other.

What (content)

The wealth of content available to websites today is vast, including video, sound, slideshows, graphics, pictures and text. However, what you put onto it should be determined by who your market is. Think what your customers would want to see on a web site, and have a look at what your competitors are offering. Think customers first. Your local web designer in Leighton Buzzard can advise you on the best approach, and will help you design a site appropriate for your business. Websites should be easy to follow, and easy on the eye – cluttered websites only encourage users to move on to your competitors’ sites. Most importantly, think of your business first – what would make you want to buy from your website?


This is as important and goes hand in hand with ‘what’. Obviously, you want the largest audience you can get, but think about who is likely to go the further step and transact with you. Factors to think about include value vs. quality; mass appeal vs. exclusivity; and demographics. If your business is in fine china, there is probably little point in trying to aim at the teenage market. Again, your local web designer can help you, and work with you to optimize your potential audience. People today expect your business to have a website like they would expect it to have a telephone.

Contact your local web designer in Leighton Buzzard today to get your web site up and running as expeditiously as possible.

Web Design in Leighton Buzzard

June 8th, 2011


Think about your business. Before the days of the world wide web (www), think about how your business marketed itself. If you are a restaurant, this was (and still is) by reputation. Think about information. What kind of information does your restaurant convey? Not just a list of menu items and prices, but ambience, location, setting. Think about what makes your restaurant unique. What is its cutting edge? How do you get that across to your customers? Before the www this was a combination of word of mouth, local press advertising, a magazine or newspaper feature, leaflet drops, and just posting a menu outside the restaurant. Think. A website can provide all of these things 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Think about web design in Leighton Buzzard.

Who needs a website anyway?

“I don’t need a website.”

Really? Do you use printed literature of any type? If so, why? Printed marketing material is expensive, and can only be used once. A website is perpetually available, and web design in Leighton Buzzard is a cost effective solution.

“I have enough customers.”

The most successful businesses on the planet are always striving for new customers. Complacency is not an option in today’s world; all businesses strive to reach the biggest market they can, and it is a never ending process. A website reaches out to every person who has access to the Internet, and web design in Leighton Buzzard is your route to tapping that market.

“I have run the business successfully for years without a website.”

That’s great. However, have you stuck to the same modus operandi since you started the business? Very few have. Businesses need to be dynamic in order to continue to thrive and grow. A website is not a luxury any more. It is, in fact, an essential tool in any business’s armoury.

Become visible. Expand your horizons. Contact web design in Leighton Buzzard today to discover how a low cost website solution can work for you.

Web Design in Leicester

May 25th, 2011

Get Activ in Leicester

By Tracy Madelin-Brown, Activ Web Design Leicester

Activ Web Design has its roots in Leicestershire, a vibrant county and home to many diverse communities and local and national attractions such as the National Space Centre, the new Curve Theatre, Donington Park – the venue for the World renowned annual ‘Download’ Rock Festival and motorcycle races, and East Midlands Airport (yes, it really is in Leicestershire!)

With superb transport links and only an hour-and-a-half away from the Capital it is the perfect place for small and medium sized businesses to either re-locate or start up.

Within its heart is Leicester, a lively and energetic city – the first outside London to have it’s own Elected Mayor, who is passionate about generating new opportunities for business.  Activ Web Design in Leicester wants to be a part of this challenge.

While many new businesses know their market, many are unsure how to maximise their online presence.  This is where Activ Web Design in Leicester can help.  A truly focused website, tailored to the needs of that business and the people it wishes to attract, is so important.

Many websites are designed purely from the business aspect, rather than seeing it from their customers’ perspective.  Activ Web Design in Leicester focuses on attracting your new and existing customers to the website – you can have the best, most whizzy website in the world, but if people are not visiting it then it counts for little.

In addition, more and more people are now shopping on line and Activ Web Design in Leicester also has the perfect package for those businesses who want to sell their goods or services through an online shop.

Activ Web Design in Leicester will keep things simple – we will take away the technical jargon that no-one understands – and provide you with a website or online shop that is integral to the success of your company – and all for a fixed price of £499 or £999 respectively.

Web Design in Leicester

May 25th, 2011

How to entice new customers

By Tracy Madelin-Brown, Activ Web Design Leicester

As a business owner, have you ever considered how much you spend on traditional advertising – things like adverts in local journals, leaflets, business listings, and the like?  Activ Web Design in Leicester would like you to think how much more you could gain from this type of advertising if you could also include a website address?

Imagine you are a local cafe – you have premises in the local town but you want to expand into providing catering for private and corporate events.  Your advertising gives potential customers a phone number to ring and yes, they can pop in to see you in the shop – but you are always very busy with people wanting tea and cake.  Activ Web Design in Leicester has the solution for you.

Activ Web Design in Leicester can help you to create a website which will give your potential customers instant access and information about things such as menus, cost, availability and delivery arrangements.  You will be able to instantly whet their appetite by showing photos or videos of your food, so they can virtually sample what’s on offer.

Think of the time this will save you and your new client.  You can still devote time to customers in your shop and your client won’t have to spend valuable time driving around trying to find a catering service, or trying to phone and never getting an answer. They can place an order while still sitting at their desk or in their armchair.

Think how much money this will save you – perhaps you no longer need a full page advert, explaining the services you can provide – half the size will do to signpost people to your website.

And finally … think of the money this will make you – with a small investment of just £499 with Activ Web Design in Leicester new orders are being placed and your business is expanding – it’s as easy as pie!

Web Design in Kettering

May 13th, 2011

Keeping Up With Urban Regeneration

By Naomi Osborn, Activ Web Design in Kettering

For those of you in the East Midlands you cannot fail to notice the massive level of investment in urban regeneration and in particular the rejuvenation of the generic high street.  For example, take a walk around Kettering and Corby town centres and they are becoming stylish and modern destination town centres with attractive retail outlets such as those in the Kettering Horsemarket and Market Square, whilst facilities such as the Corby Cube and Corby Pool simply ooze modernity.

North Northamptonshire is the biggest single designated Growth Area outside London with major Government funding supporting plans for 47,400 new jobs and an increased population of over 370,000 people by 2021.  All in all there is currently c£100m of investment into the region.

But what does this have to do with Activ Web Design in Kettering?  The first thing to think about are your competitors, or in particular the main competitor – the high street. Ten years ago it was looking tired, old and struggling to compete with the young ‘up start’ of the internet, but this retail make over is bringing the competition to a new level.

The regenerated high street is bringing new shops and services and an environment that the consumer wants to engage with; relaxed settings, coffee shops, aesthetically pleasing surroundings – who’d have thought it, café culture in Corby!  Should you not have a high street presence you may be looking enviously at these new trends, but Activ Web Design in Kettering can help you stay up to date by re-inventing your website. If you are fortunate enough to be benefiting from a prime location then don’t forget your web presence as not every one is going to connect with the social revolution of the high street and may cling to their laptop! Activ Web Design in Kettering will work with you to translate the style of your retail outlet and brand into a new website.

It’s strange to think that things have come full circle in this manner but at Activ Web Design in Kettering we are working with many clients to ensure that their web presence doesn’t suffer the same fate as the high street in 90’s provincial midlands towns!

The simple message is to keep your web presence modern, lively and engaging; after all, you are competing with the high street again – who’d have thought it!

Activ Web Design in Kettering is your partner of choice to ensure that you retain that competitive edge!

Web Design in Kettering

April 14th, 2011

When is the Best Time to Get My Business ‘Activ’ Online…? By Naomi Osborn, Activ Web Design in Kettering

It’s a question that Activ Web Design in Kettering is often asked, and it is most effective to draw on a few specific examples and case studies in order to provide an answer.

The ‘Murder Mystery’ Start Up

After a career in management consultancy the client was looking to ‘go it alone’ and start to earn a revenue stream from the ‘Murder Mystery’ evenings he had been writing and successfully producing for many years as a hobby.  However, the commercial realisation of his vision needed refining. He approached Activ Web Design in Kettering and through collaborative and consultative dialogue this vision was translated into an ‘online’ shop with downloadable plots.  An e-commerce offering fitted perfectly with the strategy for a fledging business of this nature as it would ultimately minimise the need for a full time hands-on approach and allow the client to focus on his ‘day job’ as his new venture grew!

Dance School Expansion

An established and successful local Dance School was moving to new premises, which would allow the business to grow.  This was a time of considerable upheaval, effort and not to mention expense for the school.  However, they had identified that to maximise the value of their building investment it was essential, as part of this modernisation, to have a website for the first time.  To achieve this they chose to work with Activ Web Design in Kettering to create a stylish brochure website to coincide with the grand opening, with the peace of mind that the fixed price offering ensured that this additional expense was not going to escalate at such a ‘budget sensitive’ time for the school.

Whilst the grand opening is still a few days away, the website is already live and working hard to ensure that the new studio’s are filled with the next generation of “High School Musical” devotees!

Playground Equipment Supplies Company Diversification

In any commercial environment things change and Activ Web Design in Kettering can help you and your business change with it and respond to trends in a timely and effective fashion.  After 35 years of supplying and installing playground equipment nationwide the client was seeing the market change around him – and his business! To counter this, diversification was required, as well as a change to how the business operated.  Previously all business had come through his existing website and direct contact with local authorities, for design and installation services.  The diversification in this case was to move to an ‘e-commerce’ site directed at the smaller scale commercial market (campsites, pubs and nurseries etc) to enable an online transaction and direct shipping of the product for the customers to install themselves. An easy and cost effective way of adding clear and distinct offerings to a new market, without changing the business’ ‘raison d’etre’!

Having considered each of these scenarios, it is worth re-considering the original premise of this article:

When is the best time to get my Business ‘Activ’ On line…?

The simply answer is NOW!

Whatever the life cycle of your business, even if you have a web site already, Activ Web Design in Kettering and Corby will work with you to create an effective on line presence that suits the needs of your business all at a fixed and affordable price.

Web Design in Nantwich – Get “Activ” Online Now

April 6th, 2011

OK, so you have decided your business, or your club, will benefit from having your own web page. So how do you decide, from all the dozens of web designers out there, who will deliver you what you need?

Maybe a budget price is important, or possibly someone who will take an interest in your business and work with you to help develop an effective and productive online presence. You will want to work with someone local who can react quickly to new opportunities for your business, but above all someone you can trust who has the backing of one of the largest web design companies in the world.

Well now you can have all of these and more. Web Design in Nantwich, part of the award-winning, global Activ web design family can give you an online presence that will work for your business from day one, at price within your budget, without compromising on the professional image your business deserves. And it won’t end there; using industry analytics we will meet regularly and monitor your website through the year, fine-tuning the content as your business develops

Here at Web Design in Nantwich, we are marketing people first and web designers second, so we promise not to bombard you with geek speak, just plain simple English

And what’s more, because we are local, your web page will be up and running and working for you in a matter of days, not weeks or months

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The Internet – Where Would We Be Without It?!

March 31st, 2011

The Internet – Where Would We Be Without It?!

By Naomi Osborn, Activ Web Design in Kettering & Activ Web Design in Corby

You can probably trace the start of it all back to J.C.R. Licklider who, as early as January 1960, wrote a paper on Man-Computer Symbiosis in which he foresaw what he described as:

“A network of computers, connected to one another by wide-band communication lines”

Leap forward 35 years, numerous protocols and developments by educational institutes, the US military and not surpsingly NASA, and in 1995 the final commercial restrictions were lifted and ‘The Internet’, a phrase first used in 1974, was open for business.  The next key date in the history of the Internet is quite possibly October 2010 when Activ Web Design in Kettering and Activ Web Design in Corby went live!

It is amazing to think that for something that is less than 30 years old it is such an integral part of the fabric of society.  It has penetrated every part of our daily lives in such a way that we rarely think about.  Websites are now a ‘must have’ for all walks of life, particularly businesses. Only today it was reported that one quarter of marketing spend is now on internet based advertising. Activ Web Design in Kettering can help to get you or your business online to ensure that you are doing your best to be proactive in your chosen market.

So what are people using the internet for?

There are Personal sites for ‘bloggers’ who use their own sites to share their thoughts, wisdom and insights.

Forums and chat rooms provide a virtual location for like minded individuals to ‘gather’ and also an opportunity to ‘ask an expert’.

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Activ Web Design Customer Wins Media Today Business Achievement Award

March 31st, 2011

CAMBRIDGE PRESTIGE WEDDING CARS ticks all the right boxes for couples looking for vintage luxury transport on their Big Day, as owner of the company, Paul Rider explained in a recent interview: “Offering a matching pair of Daimler DS420 Limousines and a 1949 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce to choose from, Cambridge Prestige Wedding Cars guarantees you a touch of class on your wedding day.”

All our cars have been painted in the same traditional cream and black to ensure they match each other and will co-ordinate with any colour scheme for your wedding,” he continued, “So, whether you wish to hire one, two or all of our cars, you can relax in the knowledge that you have chosen a beautiful car that complements your wedding theme. We pride ourselves on our personal service and attention to detail and will match the silk ribbons to your exact colour choice.”

As you would expect, the company’s vintage cars are all maintained to the highest standards both inside and out, with the engines being regularly serviced by the company’s highly experienced staff. “Every vintage car has its own romantic history and ours are no exception. The Silver Wraith Rolls Royce motorcar has a distinguished film career, being best remembered in The Return of the Pink Panther in 1975, this model of car also appeared in James Dean, Batman and Arthur among others; with our own stunning 1949 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce having once been owned by Joan Collins. Our Daimler DS420 Limousine has a history of being used to transport important passengers, having previously been part of the fleet at Buckingham Palace, and with the vehicle still bearing the flagpole for the Royal Standard, just imagine how impressed your family and friends would be to see ribbons in your own colours with your names fluttering on that same flagpole.”

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